ECO: The other nature

Sometimes humans do not understand the nature of limits and they situate in a detached position. As if he would not want to observe himself in that other mirror, paradoxically, he himself is in a kind of field of observation. What need is to deny the obvious? There is a nature that we want to maintain and preserve. A worldly nature that obeys the logistics of a city. Of time. Of schedule. Of life. A nature that responds to expectation.

But there is another nature; one that overflows and breaks the boundaries. The exclusion of this nature leads human to a wild state. But what is wild in the world today? The name of this nature exists: Mental Illness. The communication, however, no. And the hopes and possibilities, neither. It is this gap, which generates the no-limits. The undefined which produces the artifice.

An element of nature is isolated to be possessed and to be seen, admired, used, exploited. A mental patient is isolated to avoid being seen. But CREMI exists. It is a psychiatric hospital located Iquitos, in the Peruvian jungle. But it is not a common asylum. It is one of a kind in our country; the patients wander through green fields and forests. And, despite their captivity, the feeling of life seems to be another. As one other nature that overflows and finally, reaches its autonomy.