Renzo Giraldo

Born in 1976. Peruvian photographer, graduate on Communications Cience at University of Lima, specialized on Cinema, Video and Graphic Design studies. Giraldo has worked for several years for El Comercio newspaper and Revista Somos. His work had been published on a wide range of media and magazines around Europe and Latinamerica. Renzo’s photo projects have also been exhibited in several countries such as Peru, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and China. He’s been 1st prize winner on the national photo documentary competition Eugene Courret, the first prize on Padre Urias PhotoJournalism Competition and winner of Rumbos photo competition . In addition, he is director of “Los Topos” video documentary. Today, Renzo is a free-lance photographer based in Lima and a collaborator with Getty Images Agency Latam.